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PR Talk

You can call PR Talk as Pharma Ratna Talk or Pharma Industry Related Talk but it actually we invite anyone from any industry who can inspire the new generations and yes we focus Global Pharma Industry on priority. Anyone can also approach us for participation if he or she wishes to inspire new generation. There is no news channel in the world that promotes business community or promotes entrepreneurship. Now unemployment is serious issue world over and only entrepreneurship initiative can overcome this issue.

Some people promote politics; some promotes religion and some castes but only those countries will survive or grow entrepreneurship promotion would be on priority. Only those countries would be in peace where business community would be protected and given freedom to do business. More business means more jobs and then government will get more tax to run the country.

PR Talk has taken initiative to promote entrepreneurship globally by inspiring new generations. We invited global celebrities of various filed to talk about his or her personal and professional experience to give path finder new generations. We invited Pharma Ratna Award recipient Joe Egan, globally known boxer and Hollywood actor from United Kingdom and Lillian Mwami UNESCO Ambassador for Africa, Alihussain Pradhan a Pharma Importer from Tanzania, Hitesh Upreti, MD, Jenufa from Tanzania, Anil Gupta a Pharma importer from Belarus, KVC Chakrapani API Global Guru, Biocon from India to name a few.

Who opt to do business?

One who are facing financial crunch or basic need of life like food, home and cloths. In my opinion mostly non qualified people opt for business because in job that cannot grow in whole life. On the other hand qualified people mostly opt for jobs because they have degree and they can grow in jobs very well. But when they face strictness in jobs then move one and another company. Noteworthy, when qualified people enter into business then they do magic.

When you will watch PR Talk you will get insight as how can anybody enter into business and then you can enjoy life as per your dream and plan. In business you use complete energy but in job you use not more than 10% energy. You will never get tired in business but in job you will tired very often.