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Unique CSR Initiative

Allah has sent to this world as a best creation, even better than angel. It means we are the best responsible creation of the Allah or God or Waheguru or Ishwar. Our first priority is to take care family members such as brothers, sisters, life partners, son and daughters and then we should look ahead to take care Adams family. We are the only creations who can take care other creations too.

We have our NGO Rab DI Meher a national NGO based at New Delhi, India. Where ever we are entering into business, trying to adopt 10-100 children for better education because education gives light in the life to understand the human values and then they can help others. Rab DI Meher (RDM) organize Pharma Ratna Universe and give new generation to be connected with global leaders and this way they enter into business and help nation to grow.

Time to time we organize seminars and conferences to career mapping for new generations. We help citizens during natural calamity or pandemic with food, clothes and medicine. We extend our hands for refugees and asylum seekers. We help needy girls who cannot afford expense of marriage and we help widow to remarriage.