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Our Relations

Relation always improves morale of the work force: Good industrial relations, built-in mutual cooperation and common agreed approach motivate one to contribute one's best, result in higher productivity and hence income, give more job satisfaction and help improve the morale of the workers. Our promoter director met with Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan in 2019 for Indo-Kyrgyz Business Association. He also met with Director General of Drug Regulatory Affair of Kyrgyzstan. His meeting was a braking national news in Kyrgyzstan.

Shahbaz Pharma Private Limited has strong relation across the world as we are organizing Pharma Ratna Universe Award for global Pharma stakeholders including, healthcare, CROs, PV organization, Drug Regulatory Agencies, PV Organization, NGOs, Authors, Publishers to name a few. We are closely associated with global Pharma fraternity specially manufacturers, exporters, regulators, service providers, pharmacy colleges and association of Pharma manufacturers, exporters, importers & academicians etc. We are open to associate and serve client anywhere in the world.

We have our own YouTube Channel with the name PR Talk Show. Here we invited global celebrities of various filed to talk about his or her personal and professional experience to give path finder new generations. We invited Pharma Ratna Award recipient Joe Egan, globally known boxer and Hollywood actor from United Kingdom and Lillian Mwami UNESCO Ambassador for Africa, Alihussain Pradhan a Pharma Importer from Tanzania, Hitesh Upreti, MD, Jenufa from Tanzania, Anil Gupta a Pharma importer from Belarus, KVC Chakrapani API Global Guru, Biocon from India to name a few.

Our NGO bestowed Pharma Ratna Award to all continents of Pharma stakeholders just to name a few, Cara Turner, Global brand ambassador of Cphi from United Kingdom, Dr.Dinesh Dua, Chairman Pharmexil India, DC Jain, Chairman Akums Drugs, largest manufacturer of Asia from India, Dr.Rakesh Gollen, as associate director Kinder Pharma, USA, Dr.Thamir M.Alshamri, Director Pharmacovigilance Saudi Arabia, Dr.Ranjana Shegokar director Kapnomed from Germony, Sandeep Patel chairman Ambey Ltd, United Kingdom, Mohammad Ayaz Alam,Clinical Expert from NHS United Kingdom, Alihussain Pradhan chairman Moraf Pharmaceuticals from Tanzania, Dr.Jacinta Wasike, Director PPB Kenya, Dr.Animesh from Kyrgyzstan, Than Winn from Myanmar, Manoj Singh from Ukraine, Anil Gupta from Belarus, Dr Amir from New Zealand to name a few. We have easy access In Asia, Africa, South America, CIS, UK, USA, China and Europe.