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About Shahbaz

Shahbaz is a king falcon and Shahbaz never miss his target. During heavy rain, thunder storm and very bad weather Shahbaz crosses to cloud and enjoys life without fear. He knows his ways, goes his ways and shows his ways. Shahbaz is now king of global pharmaceutical industry. He is chief of Pharma Ratna Universe and giving recognition to global Pharma stakeholders including healthcare and social workers.

Shahbaz Pharma Private Limited is involved in loan manufacturing and export of various Pharma products, herbal, organic, surgical and cosmetic products. Shahbaz gives values to commitment and associations. Money is byproduct and he never gives privilege to money first. Shahbaz majorly targets Pharma products followed by organic products and then rest of the products. Shahbaz Pharma is unique in the sense we outsource products very easily and on affordable price because of the good relations with most of the manufacturers.

We have separate company to take care CTD dossier, artwork development, writing, designing and printing promotional tools to promote products and the name of company is Meher Pharma International ( We have independent company to take care clinical trial data management, pharmacovigilance and product management and the name of company is Astraclinical global ( To meet the commitment in dispatch of commercial consignments we have Microfalcon services private limited (

Export and Import business is not an easy now. You have to join hands with a company who can give you better price, fast price, fast dossier, fast pharmacovigilance documents and clinical documents. We do not charge for sample and any dossier documents with the client. Hence this way things move fast you can commercial project in fast mode. We have in-house facility from product registration to dispatch of commercial consignment.

Importers and distributors are welcome to join hands together from across the world. No issue you know English or any other language. You can speak English or not. You can chat via Google translation. My WhatsApp no is +91-9818131498. I am available to response you since morning 9 am to evening 11 pm. We appoint exclusive only one importer or distributor in one country in our terms and we go long way as a family.