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Welcome Shahbaz Pharma Private Limited

We are exporter and loan manufacturer of Pharma, Food, Surgical and Cosmetic products into Africa, Central Asia and Latin America

Why Choose Us?

About Us

Outsourcing of affordable and quality formulations or active substance, excipients give an added advantage to importers. We are having the best relations with the manufacturers and we are also loan manufacturers hence we know the active substance and excipients open price. You will get direct beneficiaries of our industry relation when you outsource formulations.


Now regulatory compliance becomes very expensive and exclusively skilled. We are expert and experience in regulatory compliance in regulated market. We has our own independent company to take care regulatory requirements with the name will give you regulatory documents as per our commitments.

Drug Safety

Drug safety documents are need of the hour to register products. We are fully equip to take care pharmacovigilance in-house and we have independent company to take care pharmacovigilance documents and name of the company is

Clinical Study

Pharma fraternity is well equip with validated clinical data. We are having to take care in house all clinical trial data management related issues. We are confident to assist your queries when you file dossier for product registration.

Quality Check

We always random check of commercial consignments. We pick up sample and get tested in reputed laboratory and after confirmation we dispatch the goods and attach test report to buyers for better satisfaction. We have our own office in Delhi and Gujarat for fast quality check.

Cargo Facility

Storage and handling also plays a vital role in taking care quality of products. Timely dispatch is possible when you get in house cargo facility. Microfalcon is our in house cargo company to take care timely


Years Experience




CTD Dossiers

BE Study





Small Packet Export

Patients who are getting treatment in India, they require medicine for personal use but nobody assist them because small packet export is not commercially viable as we are into exports of goods in container.

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